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Terrytown Academy

1503 Carol Sue Avenue
Terrytown, Louisiana 70056
Phone: 504-392-3804
Fax: 504-392-3859


Insider Pages Reviews for Terrytown Academy Inc

★★★★★ VERY SATISFIED  Kathy P.

I have 2 children at Terrytown Academy and have had nieces and nephews that attended this school ALL of us are very satisfied with the school. The staff has always been helpful to me and my children. My children are learning things I never did in school…. I have checked with the state board of education and according to what they say a school needs Terrytown has more days then needed . We never have half days like most schools which I think is great as a working parent. I CAN NOT imagine any person there not feeding a child I have forgotten to give my oldest child lunch money and called to say I was bringing the money and was told do not make a special trip we always make sure they eat. …. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TERRYTOWN ACADEMY TO ANY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!