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Terrytown Academy

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Terrytown, Louisiana 70056
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Terrytown Academy maintains strict discipline and order School regulations must be obeyed. Students are under constant supervision and are expected to conduct themselves properly both in and out of school. Any disciplinary problems that arise will be dealt with in accordance of the offense. Punishment will be meted out in the form of extra assignments, canceled recess periods, detentions, suspension and expulsion. The administration reserves the right to expel any student whose deportment and influence is considered detrimental to the student body or the standards and ideals of Terrytown Academy. Parents are expected to co—operate with the school on all matters of discipline.

Absences and Tardies:

Terrytown Academy requests that parents do not arrange appointments with doctors, dentists etc. during school hours, unless it is absolutely necessary. An acceptable written excuse sign by the parent or guardian must be submitted by the student each time they are absent or tardy. When a student is habitually absent or tardy, it is difficult to maintain a high academic average. Excessive absences and Tardiness will be dealt with by the administration.

Before and After School Care:

Our before care program begins at 6:30 am till  and our after care program is from 3:15pm till 6:00pm. The charge is $4.00 per hour. Daycare bills will be issued on a Monday for the previous weeks charges. Students are required to follow the same rules as set forth in the student handbook. Any disciplinary problems that arise will be dealt with in accordance with the severity of the offense.


Homework is required of each student from kindergarten through eighth grade and is regarded by Terrytown Academy as an essential reinforcement of the classroom work program. Written homework is limited to 45 minutes per evening, studying for tests is not included in this time. We ask that parents do not assist in homework to encourage students to develop independent work habits. Parents can help however, by providing a quiet atmosphere and adequate time in which to do homework, checking student planner nightly and by ensuring that homework is completed.


The school year is divided into four quarters, or marking periods. Quarterly reports are issued to all students. These reports are to be signed by a parent or guardian of the student and returned to the classroom teacher within one week of issuance. Approximately halfway through each marking period, a progress report will be issued to each student. This report is to indicate any problems the student is having so that teachers, parents and students may work together on any deficiency before the issuance of the quarterly report card. A conference between parent and teacher, parent and principal, or all three may be arranged at any time by calling the office to schedule a conference. Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment if the need arises. Often, small difficulties can be resolved before they become large problems. In addition to conferences held as the need may arise, two days during each school year are reserved for the parent teacher conferences.