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Program Offerings

Listed below you will find a short summary of what our program offers:


Preschool 3yr:

The activities of this group stress the development of large motor skills. While the emphasis is on getting along with others in a classroom situation and developing socially and emotionally. The children are introduced to the alphabet, to numbers and their meaning and to colors. Individual awareness and group interaction are the key to this program. Each student will learn to write as well as recognize the letters of the alphabet. The sounds of the letters will be introduced while identification is stressed. Students will be taught to count, recognize and write numbers to twenty. A nursery rhyme or suitable poem will be selected each week. Physical education, computer lab, music and arts and crafts are also included in the program.


Pre-Kindergarten 4yr:

A reading readiness program is introduced at this level. Workbooks emphasizing language arts and mathematics are the core of this program.

Coloring, cutting, pasting, and writing are the activities employed. In language arts, the children explore the alphabet and begin listening to the phonetic sounds associated with the letters of the alphabet. Number concepts are explored and the children familiarize themselves with  manipulating numbers.

Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Computer arts and crafts and field trips are also included in this program.



The activities in this program encompass a wide variety of subjects; Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Computer and Physical Education.

In Language Arts the children become familiar with phonetic sounds and begin decoding words. The will read simple stories found in their textbooks.

Mathematics is also emphasized and touches on patterns, classification, addition, subtraction etc. fine motor skills are strengthened. Emotional and intellectual development is encouraged for the preparation of the student for elementary grades. Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 years old by October 7th.



First — Eighth grades:

Emphasis is placed on the Language Arts program. The Academy uses the SRA/ McGraw Hill Mastery in Reading Series as its main source of literature for grades first — sixth which is phonetically based. Seventh and Eighth graders use the Adventures for Readers series that continues through twelfth grade. In all grades students are required to read Novel each quarter as a class project. They will be tested on each novel or will have to do a project based assignment.

Mathematics is also emphasized in the elementary grades. The students use worksheets that correlate with their textbooks, as well as numerous supplemental materials. The mathematics program is a combination of new and traditional math developed by the Heath Mathematics Company to promote an understanding of our system of weights and measures, this program keynotes the Metric system. The 8th grade math program consists of a strong fundamental review, and introductory course in Algebra, and a Geometry course.

Science and Social Studies are also important parts of the elementary and middle school curriculum. The science textbooks and workbooks make the student better aware of the world he lives in and through investigations, enrich his knowledge of that world. They are introduced to Earth, Life and Physical Science. The social studies programs includes current events, American History, World History, Geography, Black History and Louisiana History. The students participate in the school’s annual Science and Social Studies Fairs to further enrich the development of their understanding of general topics in both areas.

To round out the elementary program, Physical Education and Computer are provided to all grades.