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Terrytown Academy

1503 Carol Sue Avenue
Terrytown, Louisiana 70056
Phone: 504-392-3804
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Calendar of Events

Terrytown Academy  2022 – 2023  School Calendar

August 11th                                * First Day for Students

September 5th                            *Labor Day (No School)

September 12th                          *1st Quarter Interim Reports

October 5th – 7th                        *1st Quarter 4th– 8th Exams

October 7th                                *End of 1st Marking Period

October 17th                              *Parent – Teacher Conference(No School)

October 18th                              *1st Quarter Report Cards Issued

October 28th                                *Fall Fest

November 7th                             *2nd Quarter Interim Reports

November 11th                           *Veterans Day (NO SCHOOL)

November 21st – 25th                 *Thanksgiving Holidays (No School)

December 14th – 16th                 *2nd Quarter 4th– 8th Exams

December 16th                             *End of 2nd Marking Period

December 19th – Dec.30th           *Christmas Holidays (No School)

January 2nd                                  *Return to School

January 10th                                  *2nd Quarter Report Cards Issued

January 16th                                   *Martin Luther King Day (No School)

January 24th                                  *100th Day of School

February 6th                                  *3rd Quarter Interim Reports

February 20th – Feb. 24th             *Mardi Gras Holidays (No School)

March 15th – 17th                           *3rd Quarter 4th– 8th Exams

March 17th                                      *End of 3rd Marking Period

March 27th                                    *Parent – Teacher Conference (No School)                         

March 28th                                    *3rd Quarter Report Card Issued

March 29th                                    *School Science Fair

April 4th, 5th, 6th                           *Terra Nova State Testing

April 7th-11th                                *Spring Break

April 12th                                         *Return to school

April 24th                                      *4th Quarter Interim Reports

May 12th                                          *Spring Fling

May 18th, 19th, 22nd                    *4th Quarter 4th– 8th Exams

May 25th            * Last Day for Students (12:00 Dismissal)  NO DAYCARE 

                                Pre – K Ceremony / Awards Ceremony (Time TBA)  

May 26th                                     * Final Day for Teachers                               

                                 Kindergarten / 8th Grade Graduation (Time TBA)                                                                                     

                      **CALENDAR DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE**