2017-2018 School Calendar

August 8   Meet & Greet Supply drop off 3pm-5pm

August 10  First Full Day of School 

September 4   Labor Day   NO SCHOOL

September 6   1st Quarter Interim Reports

October 4th-6th  1st Quarter 4th-8th exams

October 6   End of 1st marking period

October 16  Parent-Teacher conference/Report Cards  Issued  3:20-6:00   NO AFTERCARE  STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 3:15

October  31  Fall Fest

November 1   All Saints Day  NO SCHOOL

November 6   2nd Quarter Interim Reports

November 20-24  Thanksgiving Holidays   NO SCHOOL

December 18th-20th  2nd Quarter 4th-8th  Exams

December 20  End of 2nd Quarter marking period

December 21-January 2  Christmas Holiday NO SCHOOL

January 3  Return to school

January 8  2nd Quarter Report cards issued

 January 15  Martin Luther King Day NO SCHOOL

January 19  100th Day of School

January 29  3rd Quarter Interim reports

February 12-16  Mardi Gras Holidays NO SCHOOL

 March 7-9  3rd Quarter 4th-8th exams

March 9  End of 3rd Quarter marking period

March 19  Parent-Teacher conference/Report cards Issued 3:20-6:00 NO AFTERCARE STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 3:15

March 28  Science Fair

March 29-April 2  Spring Break NO SCHOOL

April 3 Return to school

April 16  4th Quarter Interim Reports

April 18th, 19th,20th   TerraNova Testing

May 17th, 18th, 21st  4th-8th Exams

May 25  Last Day for Students   12:00 DISMISSAL   NO AFTERCARE

May  25  Pre K Ceremony ( time to be announced )

May 26 Awards Ceremony ( time to be announced )

May 27 Kindergarten and 8th grade Graduation time to be announced )