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Terrytown Academy

1503 Carol Sue Avenue
Terrytown, Louisiana 70056
Phone: 504-392-3804
Fax: 504-392-3859

Important Information


Education Industry Association (EIA)

About EIA
EIA works to ensure the college and career readiness for students preK-12.
Through Innovation, Quality and Accountability.

Every student, regardless of economic circumstance deserves the opportunity for a world-class education. Education entrepreneurs meet these challenges by creating innovative, scalable, and high-quality solutions that enable students to be better prepared for success in college and the workplace. The Education Industry Association (EIA) is the point of connection for these entrepreneurs.

EIA is the leading professional association for private sector providers of education services, suppliers of educational content and management support to the industry. We are a broad-based organization that represents the collective strengths and contributions of the multifaceted education industry, and projects a unified voice for innovators of college and career readiness services.
 Mission and Goals

EIA seeks to expand educational opportunities and improve educational achievement for learners of all ages by infusing American education with market-based drivers of high-quality service, innovation, and accountability. We promote increased public awareness of the education industry’s contributions to better teaching and learning.

EIA works to foster the development of a vibrant preK-12 education industry by:

  • Promoting public policies that ensure equitable and fair access to the education marketplace
  • Creating high standards of program and business practices, while enhancing accountability
  • Educating the public about the contributions of the education industry for better teaching and learning
  • Supporting entrepreneurs to achieve scale.


Finding a Tutor

According to the Education Industry Association, the demand for tutoring increased 15-18% in 2006, compared to single-digit growth previously. As a result, the number of tutors has also increased dramatically. Before entrusting your child’s academic future to someone, it’s important to make sure that person is the best qualified to meet your child’s needs.

Easy tips for parents to use when choosing effective tutors.

  1. Make sure the tutor is licensed or certified. Tutors will need the proper qualifications to assess, diagnose, and tutor to a child’s weakness.
  2. Look for a tutor with experience teaching children the same age as your child.
  3. Request an assessment. An individualized analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses can determine a child’s needs and help set goals. Also, insist on progress updates as a child passes through each step of the tutoring program.
  4. Define your goals. Are you trying to keep your child from failing? Are you looking to challenge a child who is already doing well in school? “Be sure your tutor understands your objective and is skilled enough to meet it,” observed Richard E. Bavaria, Ph.D., vice president of education for Sylvan.
  5. Find a tutor with specific expertise in the subject of your choosing. Just because someone is a math genius, it doesn’t mean he is qualified to teach other subjects.
  6. Make a personality match. Determine what kind of teacher the student has excelled with previously.
  7. Ask tutors how they will help your child master a specific skill. A good tutor will require that a child learn a specific skill before advancing to the next academic level. Find a tutor who will work with parents and teachers to create an individual program.
  8. Ask prospective tutors for references from previous employers and students, or hire a respected tutoring company.
  9. Get recommendations for tutors from family and friends.


*Source = Sylvan Learning Center


Insider Pages Reviews for Terrytown Academy Inc

★★★★★ VERY SATISFIED  Kathy P.

I have 2 children at Terrytown Academy and have had nieces and nephews that attended this school ALL of us are very satisfied with the school. The staff has always been helpful to me and my children. My children are learning things I never did in school…. I have checked with the state board of education and according to what they say a school needs Terrytown has more days then needed . We never have half days like most schools which I think is great as a working parent. I CAN NOT imagine any person there not feeding a child I have forgotten to give my oldest child lunch money and called to say I was bringing the money and was told do not make a special trip we always make sure they eat. …. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TERRYTOWN ACADEMY TO ANY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Insider Pages Reviews for Terrytown Academy Inc


★★★★☆aproudTTAsupporter  Tremaine H.

This year was my kids first year attending TTA. The experience has been nice. The staff is always kind and courteous. I would suggest making a few adjustments to the lunch menu to add more nutritional items to the menu and allow students to bring more than just warm-ups and sandwiches. Overall my kids are learning and doing well so I have no complaints. Mrs. Cindy goes above and beyond the call of duty. My daughter is in the third grade and she is studying things that I don’t remember learning in the third grade. There is no doubt in my mind that the students at TTA are getting all the tools needed to succeed in life. My 4 year old daughter is in Pre-K she has learned so much this year already. She is very excited to go to school every morning. My children will be attending TTA next school year. TTA is an excellent school! I would encourage any parnet to look pass the negative comments and try them out for yourself. You will be amazed! I read these negative comments before I registered my kids at TTA and I am very glad I looked pass the comments and decided to give TTA a chance. It was the best decision I could have ever made for my children! I eat, sleep, & breathe TTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 12, 2011

Good Private School on Westbank

by pearlyg123 at Citysearch

My children attend Terrytown Academy and we love it. The education hey are receiving is very good. Tuition price very reasonable compared to all other private schools on westbank. At lisadey, all text books are now new! The administration is always very helpful and caring to the students. I would recommend Terrytown Academy to anyone looking for a private school.

  • Pros: Good Private School

Every Child has a voice

by MonicaGutierrez at Citysearch

Dear Parents:

In today’s society you live your life and hope that you make an impact on bettering the world as you know it. In order to face the tasks that challenge you it is important that you received a good foundation in your youth to assist you in making the decisions in becoming successful in all of your dreams and goals. It has been my experience in the last sixteen years that Terrytown Academy provides this solid foundation for its students daily. Anytime that I am able to visit the school I walk away with more support, respect, education, and motivation to succeed. In my career I visit all types of learning institutions; private, parochial, and public. I meet hardworking educators wherever I go, but the unyielding committment from the educators at TTA always make a lasting impact in my thoughts. These educators take care to give each of their students the attention they need. They spend 35 hours a week if not more teaching above state required curriculum, training, mentoring, and providing a caring positive environment with each student.

Congratulations to those TTA teachers for going the extra mile! To make a final decision in choosing the best school for your child I challenge you to go the extra mile- observe! At dismissal you see all these happy faces waiting to tell guardians about their day at school, or eager happy faces to tell a daycare worker how they spent their day. If time permits take initiative to be invited to a TTA graduation. I know parenting has unbelievable daily concerns, but know that your child at TTA is a guaranteed investment!