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Education Industry Association (EIA)

About EIA
EIA works to ensure the college and career readiness for students preK-12.
Through Innovation, Quality and Accountability.

Every student, regardless of economic circumstance deserves the opportunity for a world-class education. Education entrepreneurs meet these challenges by creating innovative, scalable, and high-quality solutions that enable students to be better prepared for success in college and the workplace. The Education Industry Association (EIA) is the point of connection for these entrepreneurs.

EIA is the leading professional association for private sector providers of education services, suppliers of educational content and management support to the industry. We are a broad-based organization that represents the collective strengths and contributions of the multifaceted education industry, and projects a unified voice for innovators of college and career readiness services.
 Mission and Goals

EIA seeks to expand educational opportunities and improve educational achievement for learners of all ages by infusing American education with market-based drivers of high-quality service, innovation, and accountability. We promote increased public awareness of the education industry’s contributions to better teaching and learning.

EIA works to foster the development of a vibrant preK-12 education industry by:

  • Promoting public policies that ensure equitable and fair access to the education marketplace
  • Creating high standards of program and business practices, while enhancing accountability
  • Educating the public about the contributions of the education industry for better teaching and learning
  • Supporting entrepreneurs to achieve scale.