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Academy Goals

Terrytown Academy is dedicated to the intellectual, social and physical development of each student.
We offer a strong and well-organized curriculum with consistent standards of discipline in a warm, loving, family atmosphere.

Our curriculum is presented by competent, qualified and dedicated teachers.

Terrytown Academy accepts students of all races, ethnic origins and religious beliefs.
Terrytown Academy is a co-educational institution concerned with the academic and moral advancement of all its students.

In order to accomplish these goals, the following measures have been incorporated into the school’s program:

  1. Classrooms are limited in size so that constant supervision and guidance is ensured.
  2. Discipline that accentuates the positive behavior of a student without demoralizing the student’s self worth.
  3. Consideration of the different academic levels of each student.
  4. Providing challenging materials to strive for a well rounded education.
  5. Methods and techniques which provide the tapping of each student’s potential.
  6. Testing of a student’s progress through national standardized tests.
  7. Making our student’s parents aware of any progress or sign of deficiency through interim progress reports and report cards.
  8. A foundation in language arts and mathematics which is solid, thereby enabling the students to continuously build on the groundwork which has been presented to them.
  9. A strong sense of self-worth which will enable our students to become productive citizens of the future.

To have the best possible school for our students, the faculty and staff work together toward the same goal of excellence.

Knowing that the communication is the key to developing a partnership between educators and parents, and always concerned in the best interest of our children, Terrytown Academy has always had an open door policy.