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Terrytown Academy

1503 Carol Sue Avenue
Terrytown, Louisiana 70056
Phone: 504-392-3804
Fax: 504-392-3859

Every Child has a voice

by MonicaGutierrez at Citysearch

Dear Parents:

In today’s society you live your life and hope that you make an impact on bettering the world as you know it. In order to face the tasks that challenge you it is important that you received a good foundation in your youth to assist you in making the decisions in becoming successful in all of your dreams and goals. It has been my experience in the last sixteen years that Terrytown Academy provides this solid foundation for its students daily. Anytime that I am able to visit the school I walk away with more support, respect, education, and motivation to succeed. In my career I visit all types of learning institutions; private, parochial, and public. I meet hardworking educators wherever I go, but the unyielding committment from the educators at TTA always make a lasting impact in my thoughts. These educators take care to give each of their students the attention they need. They spend 35 hours a week if not more teaching above state required curriculum, training, mentoring, and providing a caring positive environment with each student.

Congratulations to those TTA teachers for going the extra mile! To make a final decision in choosing the best school for your child I challenge you to go the extra mile- observe! At dismissal you see all these happy faces waiting to tell guardians about their day at school, or eager happy faces to tell a daycare worker how they spent their day. If time permits take initiative to be invited to a TTA graduation. I know parenting has unbelievable daily concerns, but know that your child at TTA is a guaranteed investment!